bridge group

Bridge Goup

Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. in Room 106.

Whether you are a Bridge beginner or a pro, come on out and join this group of dedicated Bridge players as they learn and grow in the game together! Everyone is welcome!.

Are you new to the game? Wikipedia defines Bridge as:

Contract bridge, usually known simply as bridge, is a trick-taking card game of skill and chance (the relative proportions depending on the variant played). It is played by four players who form two partnerships; the partners sit opposite each other at a table. The game consists of the auction (often called bidding) and play, after which the hand is scored.

The bidding ends with a contract, which is a declaration by one partnership that their side will take at least a stated number of tricks, with a specified suit as trump or without trumps. The rules of play are similar to other trick-taking games, with the addition of the feature that one player's hand is displayed face up on the table as the "dummy".

Bridge can be played in tournaments, where two or more tables play the same deals of cards and the results are compared; this form is called duplicate bridge. Competitions in duplicate bridge range from small clubs with only a few tables, to the World Championships and Olympiads where often hundreds of tables play the same hands.

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