Nursery procedures

DPUMC Nursery Procedures:


Nursery Paging System

A major concern for any parent is the well being of their little ones. Parents need to know that if there's a problem, that they will be contacted immediately. Our nursery paging system helps give parents the peace of mind they need, with the reassurance that they are only a push button away. When leaving your child with the church nursery, please sign them in and have the nursery attendant issue a pager. If the nursery requires that a parent return to their child, they simply enter the parent's pager number into the nursery paging systems unit and the parent's pager will vibrate, discreetly notifying them to return to the nursery.




  • Children must be free of fever for at least 24 hours and not show signs of illness when entering the nursery.
  • Children who are sick (fever, colored mucus from the nose, vomiting within 24 hours, skin rash etc.) will not be allowed in the nursery.
  • If your child develops a fever or other illness symptoms, you will be paged and asked to take your child home.
  • NO medication will be given to any child in the Nursery Department.


The nursery provides snacks as needed: cheerios, goldfish, graham crackers, animal cookies and water. Please let us know if your child should not be offered a snack.

Suggestions for your Child's Diaper Bag. Please label ALL items with your child's name. Some of these items are:

  1. Bottles, sippy cups, etc.
  2. Diapers - please include extra's for accidents!
  3. Wipes, diaper cream, powder etc.
  4. Pacifier if needed
  5. Change of clothes
  6. Bib

General Information:

  1. The safety and love for children at DPUMC is very important. All nursery workers are required to be certified in pediatric CPR and First Aid.
  2. We welcome children of all ages to fully participate in the Worship experience. If needed, child care is provided on Sunday mornings for infants through age 5.
  3. Nursery care for children 5th grade and younger is provided as needed for church meetings and for hand bell and choir rehearsals.

For more information, contact the church office at 281-930-1300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.