DPUMC 2018 Trip to Ireland

Dear Church Friends,

I wanted to let you know about a “possible” trip with the DPUMC Choir to take place in 2018 to Ireland.  As many of you may recall the choir joined forces with several church choirs about 5 years ago and went to England.  It was a terrific trip.  We are looking at the possibility of another “combined trip” with two Texas Methodist choirs.

We had a number of non-choir members from DPUMC go with us last time and that is my reason for presenting this to the church as a whole.   The proposed trip is an 11-day trip (with two days of travel). It would involve some concerts, some great sightseeing and touring of this beautiful country.

I am attaching a brochure of another choir that is touring there this summer.  It will show you the basic type itinerary we would be considering for 2018.
The first step in this process is simply to see if we have enough interest from DPUMC to pursue the trip.  The cost looks to be in the neighborhood of $3400-$3500 per person double occupancy.   England trip (only 8 days) was around $2600 per person in 2011.  Some meals are provided –you can get a feel for that from the sample brochure.

So, with no commitment other than having a strong interest in going to Ireland—please either email me directly or let me know at church that you would like to take part in such a trip.

  •          Send me an email at btalley@dpisd.org
  •          Put a note in my box at church with your name and how many folks you’d like to go
  •          Write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to me at church.

As they always say, a church that travels together stays together……… well maybe I said that!

Look forward to hearing from you.