Moving Forward with VCI

On Sunday, Church Council voted to move forward with a VCI consultation.  This is an exciting step for our church.  The Vibrant Church Initiative process will give us crucial insights and resources as we continue discerning how to best serve our community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over the next few weeks, a team will be commissioned to do a self-study of our church and area.   In the spring we will schedule a weekend for a team to come in and interview members of the congregation and present their report.   Once we receive that report, we will discuss and take a church vote on whether or not we want to proceed with the report’s recommendation.

What can you do right now?

  • Begin praying now.  Pray for our team and leaders as they gather information.  Pray for our church to blessed through this process.  And pray for those who will come and work with us.
  • Watch for our consultation date.  Once it is scheduled, you will want to mark that weekend on your calendar.
  • Be open and honest with anyone who asks you questions for the self-study.

VCI is a conference program that helps churches discern and take their next steps.  Begun 5 years ago VCI has helped over 70 churches develop a ministry plan to increase their health and the impact they have on their community.  Their discernment includes hard data, interviews with members of the church, information about the surrounding community and a report from 12-20 mystery guests. Some of you heard Rev. Mike Tyson talk about the program on January 14; the video of his presentation is available here.

The conference also has a helpful brochure available online at .