Adult Sunday School

Sunday School starts at 9:40am and is a great way to connect to other Christians and to grow in faith.

Fidelis is for senior adults and uses Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies, a quarterly United Methodist curriculum. They are taught by Mary Etta Lukenbaugh and meet in room 111.

Twigbenders is primarily made up of retired adults, with ages ranging from mid-50s to 70+. The class is taught by a rotation of teachers, who each bring their own interests and teaching styles to the group. Twigbenders is a very active class, supporting mission opportunities throughout the church and community. They meet in room 108.

Covenant Seekers is a multi-generational class with ages ranging from the 30s to 70+. The class studies a wide variety of topics. They meet in room 118.

Basic Bible is a multi-generational class that read through the Bible together. This class asks what the passage means and how it relates to their lives. They share teaching responsibilities and meet in room 122.

Parenting is for parents of any age children. Most of the class has school-age children, and they discuss parenting issues as well as studying Scripture together. Parenting is taught by Jim Evans and meets in room 114.

Middle Ground is a class of young married couples mostly in their 30s and 40s. Many couples have children. The class studies a variety of topics and is led by Scott Anderson. They meet in room 115.