School Age VBS Day 4

How do you learn to FOLLOW Jesus? I asked this question no less than five times today and received a variety of responses. “I learn to follow Jesus by being kind to other people,” which tells me that we learn to FOLLOW Jesus by practicing following Jesus. “I learn to follow Jesus by going to […]


School Age VBS Day 3

This morning began with rain, wind, and a DPUMC Vacation Bible School first: many parents dropped their kids off under the Methodist Weekday School awning where volunteers met them and escorted them to the G-Force Zone in the Family Life Center. We are so glad you braved the rain to be with us today! In […]


School Age VBS Day 1

Today was a great first day at G-Force VBS. We talked about ways to MOVE with God and how God wants us to MOVE to help others. During story time, we listened to the story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush and having a plan to MOVE his people out of Egypt. […]


Pre School VBS Day 3

We have had a great three days of preschool VBS! The hallways echoed with shouts of “He is risen, indeed!” today as we SHARED the story of the resurrection of Jesus. On Easter Sunday, a traditional greeting is, “He is risen,” and the response is, “He is risen, indeed!” Today in story time as we […]


Pre School VBS Day 2

Day 2 of Preschool G-Force VBS is in the books! The word for the day was CARE. In story time, we heard about four friends who CARED so much about another friend who could not walk that they carried him to see Jesus. The friends saw a house that was packed like a can of […]


Pre School VBS Day 1

During pick-up time after our first day of Preschool G-Force VBS, I overheard a parent ask their 3-year-old child, “What did you learn today?” The child responded, “I learned about Moses and a sheep.” It was a humbling reminder of the importance of VBS and Bible stories for kids, even the tiny kids. Today in […]


We’re Debt Free!!!

The Time is Now new balance is $0.00! Three years ago Deer Park United Methodist Church made the decision to retire the debt of $ 949,289. 130 of families and individuals made commitments totaling $ 831,679.67 It was estimated that DPUMC would have a debt between $120,000 and $150,000 on January 1, 2015. As you […]