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Summer Camp

June 20-24

Life with Christ is an adventure!

Summer Camp is more than time away from parents. It’s about time spent with God. It’s about meeting new people. It’s about experiences you don’t have back home. It’s about worship. It’s about getting closer to Christ.

Vacation Bible School

June 27-30

Ready to cook up some fun?

Our “Food Truck Party” Vacation Bible School invites children of all ages to get on a roll with God as a parade of Food Trucks rolls into their neighborhood for the summer’s biggest party!

We will invite children to pray as Jesus teaches us in Matthew 6:11; “Give us this day our daily bread.” These words serve as a reminder that everything we have comes from God — and that it’s by turning to God in prayer that all of our daily needs are met.


July 10-16

United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth

The goal of U.M. ARMY is to provide Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.

More Than Mission Work!
Responding to the needs of our neighbors is our primary missional focus but United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth also provides an opportunity for youth and adults to experience Christian growth through service to others. Participants combine their strengths and resources to meet home repair and maintenance needs for low income, elderly and disabled homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make needed repairs themselves.

Big House

July 21-24

BIG HOUSE stands for Believing in God, Helping Others Understand through Service Everywhere. =

Our mission is “To prepare youth and adults to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, by providing opportunity to be in mission to churches in need everywhere.”

We want to give opportunities for youth to come together and grow in their Christian experience, through all aspects of our mission trip, whether it be on the work site, or in fellowship with one another.

Mission experiences include participants who have completed the 5th through the 8th grade from all over Texas. These youth come together with the help of adults to work on churches and homes of those who are in need, and are unable to do the work themselves.

Art Camp

August 8-11